Quartet With A Twist (QWAT) is a string quartet that provides entertainment for any occasion. With their fun personalities and high calibre of musicianship, they can deliver the string quartet music you need for your next event.

The ‘Twist’ in QWAT’s name stands for their unconventional instrumentation – instead of the standard two violins, viola and cello, the cello has been replaced with a double bass! As a result, QWAT’s sound is unique and sets them apart from other string quartets.

QWAT’s talented players have all graduated successfully from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Arts – Specialist Music Studies and Music Studies. Having formed as a group in their first year, the quartet has now been playing together for five years.

They are also engaged in many orchestral positions around Perth, including the Perth Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Youth Orchestra, UWA Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Pops Orchestra, and the Chamber Orchestra of St George’s College – just to name a few.

Whether it is your next wedding, event or corporate function, Quartet With A Twist has got you covered.

For all inquiries, e-mail Ebony at

Find us on Facebook at


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